Activities at nearby Sembuwaththa lake - at 500 m walking distance
Boat rides Swimming Pool Trekking through
the Pine forest
The boat ride on Sembuwatta lake is a lifetime experience since you will not find a similar location anywhere is the country. Pines forest, tea estates, misty mountains and bird life can be experienced during your boat safari.
The swimming pool which has captured the hearts of many nature lovers is fresh with natural spring water every day and this is a fun spot for any one including children. ,
Trekking through a Pines forest is also a rare opportunity. The large and thick Pines forest bordered by the Lake is a fantastic setting for a adventure trekking . Nature lovers and film makers have found this Pines forest as a paradise for their requirements.
Bird watching Tea estate
exploration /trekking
Summer huts & Sitting
areas around the lake
There are plenty of opportunities for bird lovers. Trek through the tea plantations and pines forest and you will observe many varieties of birds.
For the people who love to explore the tea culture, there is an opportunity to see the first steps of the process on Elkaduwa tea plantation starting from plucking of tea leaves. Surrounded by the Sembuwatta lake is Elkaduwa tea estate.
There are number of summer huts and sitting areas around the lake for you to relax. You mat taste your meals , get your tea and just sing with the friends or family inside a shaded summer hut.
Childrens\ play areas Facility for film shooting  
Near the swimming pool , there are lots of opportunities for children to have fun . Your children will play the whole day in the the children’s play area here.
There are plenty of opportunities for bird lovers. Trek through the tea plantations and pines forest and you will observe many varieties of birds.
Situated at the western side of the knuckles mountain range, Sembuwatta lake is a must visit place in Sri Lanka. Even though, it is situated 22 Km away from the Matale city and 25 km away from Kandy. The journey to there is worth the effort. Not only the lake itself but also the view on the way is as much as breathtaking. The elevation is 1100 meters.


The lake belongs to the Alkaduwa Estate. The lake is maintained and kept opened to the visitors by a co operative association. Therefore, when you enter the lake you will have to pay. On the way to the lake you will see the pipe lines which are used to generate electricity for the estate and a small waterfall where the pipe lines get its water.

The lake is created by natural water spring. It is surrounded by mountains and the water load held by a damn which is only few meters long. According to the villagers, the lake is 20 to 30 feet deep.


The history of this magnificent lake is goes into the Colonial times. This place is once a Polo playground and then the lake had built by British planters to get hydro electricity power for the tea factory. The large tea factory which is presently not operating can be seen at the main entrance of the Sembuwatta lake ticketing counter.

Sembuwaththa Lake and Leisure Park is designed in a way to provide a fantastic holiday destination with lots of leisure activities and facilities by the present management. Now you can walk right around it. There are huts where you can eat your meal, watch the sunset, or just relax. Swimming pool with natural spring water is there surrounded by the tea estate. The water is clean because it is continuously been replaced. If you look carefully, you will also see beautiful birds singing on the treetops on the way.

Travelers who are interested in camping overnight at the location are provided a package that includes a security guard/cook and other necessary equipment (Gas Cooker, Rice Cooker, and Generator).
As a film location
This is a popular location for shooting films and tele dramas due to the fantastic environment which is rarely found on earth.
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